FAQ Sales

1- What are the steps for buying a house?
Once the property to be purchased has been found, a bid is made. The real estate agent immediately forwards the bid to the seller.
After the seller accepts the bid, a private sale agreement is concluded. Upon signature of such agreement, a deposit is paid. The agreement also specifies the time frame within which the notarial deed of sale shall be signed. The notary is selected by the purchasing party.


2- How much deposit is paid upon signing the private sale agreement?
Generally, between 10% and 15% of the price is paid as a deposit.


3- What documents and forms are necessary for submitting a bid?

Land registry certificate

Certificate of occupancy

Land registry compliance certificate

Property plan from the municipal urban planning office

Energy performance certificate

Minutes of the latest condominium meeting

A statement from the condominium manager that the former owner has no outstanding balance