Agency rules for the rental of houses and apartments for holidays in Lignano

The Guests acknowledge and agree:

1 – to send us a singed copy of these Regulations and General Conditions and to submit a deposit of 30% of the total amount by bank transfer. The reservation of the flat/villa shall not be completed until such deposit is made.

2 – to complete settlement of the rent on arrival and on receiving the keys to the accommodation without requesting any price reduction, not even in the case of late arrival or early departure.

3 – to notify us immediately by registered mail, telegram, e-mail of any postponement of the date of arrival.

4 – that if they are unable to stay at the reserved accommodation they are welcome to send somebody else to stay in their place, as long as they communicate us the name and the exact address of any such substitutes in due time. If this information is not provided, our rental office may not allow the substitutes to access the accommodation.

5 – to provide   if they have small children with them, rubber sheets to protect the mattresses.

6 – that our agency acts as an agent, no owner of the rented accommodation.

7 – that no more people are allowed to stay at the flat/villa than there are beds provided, and that our rental office and the owner of the accommodation have the right to request any extra people to leave the accommodation immediately.

8 – that our working time is from 9:00am to 12:30pm and from 3:00pm to 7:00pm; that they shall organise their journey in such way as to arrive in Lignano during opening hours; that they shall not, in any case, contact our staff at their homes to request to be serviced outside of opening hours; that if they arrive after opening hours, they shall look for appropriate alternative accommodation until the next opening day.

9 – to submit us – on arrival – the identity papers of all family members, so that we can register them at the Public Security Office; that the Public Authorities may request people without identity papers to leave the accommodation at any time.

10 – to be responsible and liable for and to notify us of any damages caused to the accommodation itself or any piece of furniture or other item provided in it; that the accommodation shall be provided in good condition and properly equipped and furnished in accordance with its category and the number of beds provided; that the accommodation includes a set of pots and pans, crockery, a refrigerator, blankets and pillows; that a repair and maintenance service is carried out by personnel authorised to access the accommodation also in their absence; that the repair of electric/electronic appliances (dishwashing machines, washing machines, air conditioners, television sets, refrigerators, etc.) is carried out by specialised staff and may take up to three working days from the day of notification of the malfunction; that we are in no way liable for any malfunction or any delay in the repair of such appliance; that small maintenance and repair costs shall be covered by us, except in the case of damages caused by improper use; to keep the accommodation in good state and to be liable for any damages and missing items; that there is no heating in the accommodation and the use of stoves and electric heaters is not allowed.

11 – not to cause any irritating noise (clogs, high-volume radio, high-volume conversations, etc.) that might disturb residents in neighbouring flats or buildings.

12 – to defrost and clean the refrigerator, clean the worktop, and wash the pans and pots, dishes and glasses, including those used just before leaving, on the day of departure.

13 – to leave the flat/villa and to submit the keys to the accommodation to our office by 10:00am of the last day of rental.

14– that any refund or compensation claim shall be discussed after the rent has been fully paid; that any such refund or compensation claims need to be submitted to the owner of the accommodation before they can be settled.

15 – to pay for a new lock (which needs to be replaced for security reasons) if they lose the keys to the accommodation.

16 – to authorise our and the accommodation owner’s representatives to inspect the accommodation whenever they deem necessary.

17 – not to request us to hand the keys to the accommodation to any third party.

18 – that they are personally liable for any inaccurate or incomplete data provided to the Public Security Office via our rental office.

19 – that the accommodation is not equipped with an iron and ironing board, and hairdryer.

20 – not to keep any valuables in the accommodation; that we accept no liability for any injuries or damages sustained due to accidents, losses, thefts, delays or any other cause; that we are not liable for malfunction of the resident equipment such as accessories, central TV antennas and/or any other automated systems (gates, barriers, etc.); that the accommodation is not insured against fire/theft.

21 – that, if they do not arrive by 6:00pm of the day after the intended date of arrival, the reservation is considered to be cancelled, except if they notify us in due time or if agreed otherwise in writing; that in this case, we are entitled to reserve the accommodation for other guests and they shall pay one week’s rent.

22 – that the reservation can be cancelled only in writing by post, telegram, fax or e-mail; that we shall refund the following amounts: if the reservation is cancelled within 30 days before the intended date of arrival - 50% of the deposit; if it is cancelled from 29 up to 11 days before the intended date of arrival - 25% of the deposit; that if they cancel the reservation later than 11 days before the intended date of arrival they shall pay one week’s rent with the same payment method used to submit the deposit; that this agreement is not insured against cancellation.

23 – that our staff shall check the inventory of contents of the accommodation on departure. Relative to any dispute that might arise, the Court of Udine enjoys jurisdiction.

24 – it is absolutely prohibited to sublate the property.

25- Tourism tax to pay: Euro 0,70 per person per night ( kids under 12 years don't pay).